The Simple but Overlooked Health Solution

When you look in the mirror, you see a body that looks very physical. Very solid. Something that looks like bits and pieces put together. And when looking for health solutions, these “bits and pieces” are usually what medicine and nutrition deal with. They offer solutions based in chemistry.

But when you look deeper, we’re completely made of energy. The movement of this energy is what determines how everything in the body comes together and how everything works. It is the foundation of chemistry. If there are problems in the flow of energy, then chemistry breaks down and we become sick and tired.

Worse than that, if you only provide a chemical solution to an energy problem, you’ll only get a temporary solution at best. The proper flow of energy must be restored if you want an answer that lasts.

This is why the science of bioenergetics is about detecting and correcting energy in living systems. Getting down to the root cause of feeling exhausted and unwell and providing deeper, more profound answers.

Now, you’re probably aware that electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields, and that these fields can have an effect on our bodies. This is why many people are concerned about excessive cell phone use, and it’s the basis of how an MRI machine works. Fields literally alter the flow of energy.

Well any time you have a movement of energy, you have an energy field as well, which means that human beings generate their own field, which we call the human body-field. This field not only holds information about all the energy in the body; it is also a means for communication between all the energy in the body, as well as with our larger environment.

As a result, the body-field as a control system for the energy that drives all the activity of the body. So while the body has other control systems — like the nervous system and the endocrine system — the body-field ultimately drives all of these, making it the master control system. Support this, and you support everything about your body’s health, wellness, and vitality!

Now, the idea that a “field” controls energy might be new to you. But it’s not new, and it’s not “new age.” In the world of physics, it’s well known. In fact, famed scientist Albert Einstein said it best when he said:


It probably makes intuitive sense to you as well. The body has to coordinate trillions of cells in order to act as a single unit, but we’re told that this can take place with a nervous system made of billions of cells that have to fire one after another to communicate. Yes, the nervous system has a role, but it is not fast enough to explain the speed and precision of someone landing a triple axel in figure skating.

This is why Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi told us that “Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses.” He knew there was something more. That something is a body-field that has every cell communicating with every other cell in real time, all the time.

It does this through resonance. This takes us back to an MRI — which stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Through a field and using resonance, the MRI is able to line up all the protons (energy particles) of hydrogen in the body. That field communicates instantly with all of them at the same time … through resonance. The body uses the same idea for everything to communicate at once through its body-field.

When the body-field is functioning properly, it’s able to provide the correct information to all the body’s cells at one time, keeping everything functioning together. But when it’s not, you can start to lose energy and health as cell functions are disrupted. Bioenergetics works by using resonance to restore your body-field and energy flow, supporting your optimal health and wellness.

Supporting the Root Cause of Good Health

So you could just focus on supporting your body’s chemistry with better diet (still important!) or supplements. Or you could try suppressing systems with medical drugs (that are likely to create other problems). By why stick with chemistry when you can get to the root cause of good health and support deeper, longer-lasting solutions?

Restore the body-field and you’re restoring the underlying control system of everything. Of your organs and systems right down to your cells and DNA. This control system runs on resonant communication, which can get distorted by toxins, pathogens, and even emotional stress and traumas. These need to be resolved and communication restored, and this is done by bringing the correct resonance (or what we call “information”) back into the body-field.

How is that possible? Through the miracle of Infoceuticals:

Following decades of research, we discovered a solution that is incredibly simple for you to use and benefit from! Because of the way water structures itself in the body (becoming something like a gel), it can literally take shape under the influence of information or resonance, becoming the carrier of information for the rest of your body!

In fact, DNA itself is surrounded by water and changes based on the structure of water. Same with proteins in the cell, which then physically drive the actions of the body. Water is that powerful. That profound.

If resonance of the body-field is disrupted, then the structured water in the body is altered and everything starts to go haywire. So to improve health and vitality, you need to restore correct resonance within that field.

And here’s the light bulb moment: since structured water is able to carry information or resonance like this, we can use structured water to carry corrective resonance into the body-field. When we provide a strong, stable “signal” to the body — stronger than the distorted signal it shouldn’t be listening to — then we can get the body to start taking corrective, healing measures.

So that’s exactly what we do. With our proprietary Infoceuticals, we’re able to imprint structured water using a high-powered electric charge and modulated photons. These introduce a precise resonant pattern affecting targeted aspects of the human body-field. And with just a few drops a day taken in a glass of water, you can begin to restore correct messaging throughout the body and supporting the body’s incredible ability to heal.

Infoceuticals – Grounded in Scientific Research

As you probably know, we’re usually taught that water has at least three phases:

For more detailed science information, please read our latest white paper: